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Family Ministry

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 We will discuss various topics like biblical teachings, character development, challenges, and creating a nurturing home. By embracing scripture and transparency, the roundtable hopes to empower parents to raise their children in the faith while receiving support and guidance in their parenting journey.

Select Wednesdays at 6:15 pm in the ROC room B108.

Aug. 23 | Nov. 29

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Our Family Ministry offers personalized support and guidance to families facing various challenges, helping them thrive and create lasting bonds. We will assist in addressing parenting struggles, improving communication, managing conflicts, and navigating life transitions.  The goal is to empower families to build resilience and achieve a happier, healthier dynamic.  If interested, set up an appointment with our Family Pastor.

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SEPTEMBER 29-30, 2023

Located at the beautiful Meridien Dallas Hotel by the Galleria, this retreat will focus on providing couples with practical tools and principles to build a strong and lasting marriage based on the principles found in "Minute for Marriage." Jon and Tressa Harper, "Minute for Marriage" authors, will be leading this weekend. By the end of the retreat, couples will have more tools to continue to build a strong and thriving marriage.

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Family Resources

30 Days/30 Words

30 DAYS/30 WORDS is proof that daily devotions don’t have to be intimidating. These are 30 different image-driven devotions that parents can do with their children. Each short devotion is creative, relevant, biblically solid, and just as unique as your child. 

Click on a word to download that devotional.

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By M2p | John Series | Download


Leading Bible studies at home can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be.  This resource is to help parents be comfortable and confident in leading a family bible study at home.  This particular one goes through the book of John.
If you have young children, we suggest working together on the journal. If you have teenagers, offer printouts for an individualized plan.

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By M2p | Answers | Download

This e-book consists of four sections to give you a complete understanding of the Bible. Written with children and teenagers in mind, they explain God’s love story with a simple, clear, and brief explanation.
The four sections are: 1. What is the Bible? 2. What is the BIG STORY of the Bible? 3. Who is God’s Family? 4. Why do we have FOUR Gospels?

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