Sunday School

Sunday School Options

8:00 Sunday school classes

Adult coed

     40+ Coed A                   A117                     J. Coffman

     50+ Coed B                   A115a/b               J. Smith

Adult Ladies

     40+ Ladies                    A114c/d                J. Fowler

     60+ Ladies                    A115c/d               K. Manning

Adult Men

     40+ Ladies                    A114c/d                J. Fowler






     Babies                              A120a                  B. Abrantes

     Toddlers                          A120d                  K. Anderson

     2 Year Olds                     A120d                  M. Friedman

     3 Year Olds                     A 120e                   J. Stinson

     4 Year Olds                     A120e                   L. Taylor


     Kinder & 1st Grade        A121                     V. Anderson

     2nd Grade                       A125                      J. Walker

     3rd & 4th Grade             A129                     K./L. Davis

     5th/6th Grade Girls       A131                      B. Bailey

     5th/6th Grade Boys       A133                      D. Reed


     7th/8th Grade Boys         B105                      T. Jones

     7th/8th Grade Girls         B106                      L. Jones

     9th/10th Grade Boys       B206                      S. Turner     

     9th/10th Grade Girls       B205                      A. Turner

     11th/12th Grade Boys     B210a/b               G. Graley

     11th/12th Grade Girls     B210a/b                J. Graley 



     Coed A                               Annex                    D. Daniel

adult coed

     30+ Coed C                       B211a/b                 J. Walton

     30+ Coed E                       A114a/b                A. Goss

     50+ Coed F                       A116 (NFH)            J. Henderson

     50+ Coed H                      A114c/d                 K. Taylor

     60+ Coed I                        A117                      B. Cooper

     20+ Silent Blessings        A148                     D. McMillan

Adult ladies

     20+ Ladies D                     A107                    D. McMillan

     50+Ladies C                      A105                     N. Grigsby

Adult coed

     50+ Coed A                   A114c/d              D. Riedl

     60+ Coed B                   A117                    J. Thedford

Adult Ladies

     60+ Ladies A                 A101                    P. Heflin

10:45 Sunday school classes

We also have several online Sunday School classes that are being offered on campus and through Zoom.

  • Delia McMillan is offering a class outside the Prayer room on Sundays during the 9:15 Sunday School time. If you would like to attend, please make sure to bring a chair.

  • Jeff Walton is offering a class in person and through Zoom on Sunday mornings at 9:15 am. Contact Jeff to get connected with this class. His contact information is available through the Church Life app.

  • Joe Thedford is offering a class, from the "Exploring the Bible" series, in person and through Zoom on Sunday mornings at 10:45 am. Also contact Jeff Walton to get connected with Joe's class. His contact information is available through the Church Life app.

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