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As a believer, our need to grow never stops. Discipleship is a lifelong process that is only completed once we leave this earth. It is our desire that you have every resource and tool available to you to help you walk with Jesus. This page is designed for you to find resources mentioned in the services so that you can be fully equipped to live for Jesus.


Right Now Media

Over 10,000 free videos for you and your family.  It is called the Netflix of Christian Bible Study.  Free to sign up.


GriefShare provides help and encouragement after the death of a spouse, child, family member, or friend.

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Church Library

Check out our church library!

The Parkside Library has a collection of over 4200 books and other media for adults, youth, and children. Books, CD's, DVD's, pictures, Bible Studies, Devotionals, and the like for your use are avaliable.Our purpose is to inspire, educate, and provide resources for Bible study, self-help, recreation, school projects, personal discipleship, and just for fun reading.

Image by Timothy Eberly

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Sunday Services

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