There is a great need for the Senior Adult Ministry. Not only are people living longer, they are enjoying living longer. Today’s seniors realize that retirement doesn’t necessarily mean the “rocking chair.” Modern seniors want to remain useful, active, to continue learning and growing personally, and to be valuable members of their community and church.

The Senior Adult Ministry, for adults 50 years old and up, began at Parkside in 1996. Since that time, the foundational goals of that ministry have remained strong: To provide many opportunities for Senior Adults to be actively committed to and involved in worship, maturity, ministry, evangelism, missions, and fellowship.

We want them to know that! The life of every Senior Adult has value. This is what the Senior Adult Ministry at Parkside is all about.


By 2050, estimates say that the state’s senior population will increase to approximately 17.4%, which is well below the 20% predicted nationwide. However, with 5.9 million seniors projected to live in Texas by 2030, senior living facilities will undoubtedly become an increasingly attractive option for those seeking senior care.

 Even with more affordable options for senior living, many seniors may struggle to pay for needed care. Fortunately, a variety of programs exist that may reduce these expenses. This guide offers information about the cost of senior living in Texas, possible financing options, and agencies and programs in the state that offer support for senior


The Pacesetters is an organization within the church for adults age 50 and above.

They are an active group that enjoys many opportunities to gather and fellowship. They have a meeting on the second Saturday of each month where they share a potluck meal, conduct any necessary business, and enjoy some type of entertainment. The Excursion director plans at least one group excursion per month.  It may be a trip to a local restaurant, or it may be a 10-day cruise.  But whatever it is, the excursion will be interesting and enjoyable. There is also a Game Night on the last Friday of each month (except December, when it's on New Year’s Eve) that includes a potluck meal and then a few hours playing table games.

For more information, please contact Bill Kelley, the Pacesetter President, at 903-267-1221, or Jerry Coffman, Senior Adult Pastor, at 903-465-1686.


PROJECTS: A committee plans projects to raise money for senior adult programs and events not covered in the church's budget.

VISITATION: The Visitation Committee makes regular visits to those in hospitals, nursing homes, and homebound Parkside members. Sunday School curriculum, an Open Windows booklet, and a Mature Living magazine are delivered to all Sunday School members who are in the nursing homes or homebound. Bud vases, made from each Sunday's altar flowers, are delivered to the shut-ins weekly.

BENEVOLENCE: Members in nursing homes and homebound members are remembered with visits and special treats on holidays. Members receive visits and flowers on their 90th birthday.


MEMBERSHIP: The Membership Committee contacts and invites those ages 50 and above to join the Pacesetters Senior Adult Ministry.

BIBLES FOR BABIES: This ministry visits new parents in the church family and delivers a Bible storybook for the newborn.

Click here for a free resource that provides comprehensive information on topics like financial support and care options for senior adults that are available in every city and state across the country.