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LIfe Groups

Due to Covid19 we are not currently offering Life Groups.

We encourage you to get plugged into a Life Group for the purpose of connection, prayer, study and service.  While many Life Groups take place in homes, there are also groups that meet at the church.  Most meet at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday nights, but each Life Group has the flexibility to meet at a time that works best for their group. 

There is a four-fold purpose for these Life Groups. First, they provide a great opportunity for connecting with others through fellowship and building relationships.  Second, they provide a time of uniting our hearts in prayer and seeking God's face for our church, community, and each other. Third, Life Groups offer the chance for you to grow spiritually, as you study God's Word with others.   Fourth, each group will select a way to serve the local community, finding a way to extend God's love to others and be His hands and feet.

If you have children, bring them with you.  Life Groups provide a chance for them to have fun with other kids in the group and see the example of their parents growing in the Lord and serving Him. Some groups decide to put together a rotating schedule of couples to be responsible for the children each night. The children in your group can be taken to another room during the study time and have some devotion/play time on their own. There is freedom for each group to decide how this works best for them.  Available Life Groups are listed below.  For more information, you can contact Jennifer in the Church Office: 903-465-1686 or at

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