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Diane Bilderback

Church Receptionist

When and Where I got saved: 

I went forward as a 12 year old and was baptized, but later felt like I wasn’t complete in my salvation because I went through the motions of what I thought I should do. (Mt Pleasant Baptist Church) Later I accepted Christ as my Savior, was baptized, and now have a walk with the Lord everyday like none other.

Favorite Bible Verse

Proverbs 3: 4-6

Go-To Coffee Order

Vanilla Mocha


My dad had a nickname for all us five kids. Mine was Flipper.

Favorite/Least Favorite Food

Favorite: Gelatin Salads, Least: blue cheese anything

In my spare time I...

Read Christian mysteries/romance

People that inspire me

Those who go through bad situations and keep getting up and still have a positive Christian attitude.

The one thing people probably don't know about me

I loved to kid my younger brothers growing up. We are all close (and I still kid around with them).

Weird Quirks

I still like to dress up

My least favorite thing to do

cleaning out flower beds.

My hidden talent is

I’m still looking.

What makes me laugh is...

people who are naturally funny and don’t know it.

Biggest Fear


Favorite Movies

Hallmark movies

Favorite Sports

Volleyball, softball, watching my grandson in motor cross racing

Favorite Music/Bands/Singers

I have a variety of favorites

Favorite Books

With Malice Toward None by Stephen Oates, Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby, Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Most adventurous thing I've ever done


Tell us about your family

Husband Billy, who I met at age 9 and had a crush on him ever since (married 51 years); daughters Susan who lives in Syracuse, NY, and Amy who is married to Chuck Milner. They have four children: Alyson, Jamison, Blake, and Abby and all live here in Denison.

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