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student ministry 

Why we do what we do...


Connect with God and His Family

We want to help students and their families connect to God through Salvation and to connect to His Family in church involvement.  Our hope is to see life-change take place in the lives of families through the power of God's Spirit.  


Share God's Message

We believe God has designated us as His representatives here on the earth.  It is our responsibility to tell others the Good News of what Jesus has done for us.  This is the message of hope that has been given to the church to share with the world. 


Grow in God's Character

As we connect to God through Jesus we are commanded to grow into the likeness of Jesus Christ.  This is done in relationship to other believers as we spur one another on in holiness.


Serve in God's Church

The ultimate goal is to see students who are so in love with Jesus and His church that they are involved in serving in different aspects of ministry in the local church wherever they may be. 

How do we accomplish this?


Our Strategy

Helping Students Take their Next Step

All of us have a need to grow in our faith.  Students are no different.  We believe we have a strategy that will help your student take the next step spiritually to become the man and woman of God they need to be.  As parents you play the biggest role in your student's spiritual formation.  It is our desire to come along side of you with these programs that are designed with your student's spiritual need in mind.  


Steps to Growth

Step 1


Throwdown is our program designed for outreach and evangelism.  


Wednesdays 6:15-7:30pm.


Our goal in Throwdown is to connect students to God and His Church

Step 2 

Sunday School

Sunday School is our primary place for fellowship and Bible study in our student ministry. 


Sundays  9:45-10:45am


Our goal in Sunday School is encourage students to grow spiritually every day.

Step 3 


Impact is our discipleship program designed to help students become worshipers and disciples. 


Sundays  5-6pm.


Our goal in Impact to helps students deepen thier faith.

Youth Leadership Team

The youth leadership team is designed to equip students to serve and to be on mission for Jesus Christ. 


Sundays 6-7pm. (monthly)


Our goal through the youth leadership team is to prepare students to serve do missions at Throwdown and through other ministry opportunities.

Step 5 


Everything leads up to graduation.  It is our desire when students graduate from High School that they are fully prepared and ready to be sent out to serve God wherever he sends them.




Our goal is to see students continue to serve God as they move out of the student ministry.

Step 4 

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