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March 9-15, 2024
Cost:  approx. $1,400

We are teaming up with some missionaries and churches in Peru to spread the word of God and teach people about what it means to be a Christian. We will be doing this in a lot of different places like cities, neighborhoods, schools, parks, and new church communities. Our goal is to share the message of the gospel in a way that makes sense to the people we are ministering to, which means taking into account the culture and  context of Peru.

One of our main goals is to show love for God and for others by making disciples and helping people grow in their faith. We also want to help the people of Peru take charge of the missionary work in their own country by training and sending out their own missionaries both locally and globally. This means that we are working towards a future where the Peruvian church is actively engaged in spreading the message of the gospel and making disciples not just in Lima, but beyond as well.

If you are interested in going or would like more information, please contact Jason Young or Sonya Jones.

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