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Local Missions


Homeless Empowerment Action Team

During our unprecedented cold spell, this February our community and church stepped up into action to help our homeless community.


  • Feb 11th - Started 24 hours shelter at the Center Cross Soup Kitchen and St. Lukes Episcopal Church.  They averaged 10 -12 participants at night and 20-25 during the day hours, especially meal times.


  • Feb 17 -  St. Lukes opened up their single shower to anyone in need.  To run the operation smoothly we needed roughly 80 volunteers for four different shifts. God blessed us with 16 dedicated hands-on servants to fill those slots.

  • Food was brought in by 6 churches & organizations and at least 6 different individuals.

  • They ministered to individuals ages 6 to 73 as they came into the shelter for different reasons.

God has moved in many ways.

  • Friendships were made between volunteers and clients. Father Don and Pastor Jeff and Lisa Humphrey have spent numerous hours at both sites loving on people. Father Don has been on-site at both locations every day and was called “The Jesus Man’’ by a mom visiting with her 5 young sons.

  • Four clients left during the middle of the night. We prayed that God would keep them safe (lock-in 10 pm). Rules were followed and our clients came back unharmed the next day.

Four BIG “God Winks” happened.

  • Clients saw love and received encouragement and became receptive to help even though the road will be a long, tough, and maybe not a permanent journey. God planted the seeds now, and we as His children must water them.

  • Two people came to us after being discharged from TMC with no place to go. One was a substance abuse overdose and one was a broken back with acute diabetes and gangrene in his toes. After 4 days of encouragement by volunteers and fellow clients, he chose life versus dying of sepsis. He returned to TMC to have his toes amputated. We are attempting to find an appropriate placement for two young men, 20 years of age before they become permanent street people

  • One 58-year-old client with early-stage Parkinson’s may be bumped up on the housing status list since he has some income.


These are the blessing that comes from being “Where God is at work” as Henry Blackaby says. We just all have to focus, as Pastor Jeff would say, “In our City and for our City. THE POSSIBILITIES TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE ARE ENDLESS.

If you would like more information about how you can get involved in ministering to our homeless community, contact Barbara Bailey at 214-934-4797 

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