Jerry Coffman

Senior Adult Pastor

When and Where I got saved: 

I got saved when I was 17 at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church of Denison. 

Favorite Bible Verse

No particular favorite verse, but my two favorite books are Job and Song of Solomon 

Go-To Coffee Order

None; I don’t drink coffee 


My mother called me Jitter or Jitterbug until I was in junior high school 

Favorite/Least Favorite Food

Favorite: salads and hamburgers; Least: radishes and egg plant 

In my spare time I...

Read Christian novels or work in the yard 

People that inspire me

The heroes of the Holocaust

The one thing people probably don't know about me

I was a pretty good racquetball player 20 years ago 

Weird Quirks

Most people would say it is my wearing a tie and jacket on Sunday morning 

My least favorite thing to do

Go to amusement parks or swimming

My hidden talent is

....I don't think I have one

What makes me laugh is...

 A very funny joke or story

Biggest Fear


Favorite Movies

Chariots of Fire and Shindler’s List

Favorite Sports

Professional Football

Favorite Music/Bands/Singers

The Gaither’s Homecoming Videos 

Favorite Books

Christian fiction out of the church library

Favorite TV Shows

 America’s Got Talent 

Dream Vacation

A return to Isreal

Most adventurous thing I've ever done


Tell us about your family

Wife, Sarah; Daughter, Karen, and her son, Andrew; Son, Randell, and his wife, Judith, and their son and daughter, Andrei and Madison; son, Steve, and his wife, Cindy, and their son Mark, and their daughter, Jessica, who is married to Austin. One brother, John, who lives in California with his family.