Pray for The Nation

1. Pray for Christians to Vote for Godly Leaders

Pray Christians will take to heart that voting is a privilege and a gift from God.

Pray Christians will seek God’s will when they vote.

Pray Christians will vote for men/women of integrity who value Gods principles.

Luke 6:13, Acts 6:1-6, Prov 28:2, John 16:3a


 2. Pray for the Presidential Election

Pray he will be a person of integrity and honesty who seeks God first before making decisions.

Pray God will give him discernment and insight; that he will stand for what is right.

Pray he will be surrounded by Godly counsel and appoint honest and trustworthy men/women to critical positions.

Prov 29:2, 1 Tim 2:1-2, Deut 16:18

 3. Pray for Congressional Leaders

Pray congressional leaders will put the needs of the nation first.

Pray decisions our congressional leaders make will honor God and strengthen our nation.

Pray they will discern the issues facing the nation making laws that are just, right, and honor God.

Prov 8:15-16, Prov 19:21


 4. Pray for the Supreme Court and the Federal Courts

Pray Justices will be men/women of high moral integrity.

Pray Justices will seek God’s counsel and rule according to God’s standards.

Pray Justices will interpret the constitution as the founding fathers intended.

Prov 8:14-16 2 Sam 23:3, Prov 20:8

5. Pray for Law Enforcement and First Responders

Pray for Gods protection over them.

Pray for them to have discernment, patience, and wisdom during these tumultuous times.

Praise and thank God for Law Enforcement and First Responders who serve so unselfishly.

Rom 13:1-5

6. Pray for National Morality

Pray God’s Commandments, standards, laws, and statues will be our plumb line for living.

Pray Christians will not be led astray by the world and its lack of moral standards.

Pray Christians will repent of sin and ask forgiveness for our nation’s sins.

Prov 21:21, Rom 1:21, 2 Chron 7:14

7. Pray for God to expose those who seek to Deceive the Nation

Thank God for freedom of press and freedom of speech.

Pray for truth to be revealed in the media, politics, government agencies and social justice movements.

Pray that all who attempt to deceive will be exposed.

Luke 12:1-3, 1 John 2:26-27, John 16:13

 8. Pray for US Support of Israel

Pray the United States will continue to be an alley and supporter of Israel

Pray for safety and protection of Israel from its enemies.

Pray for the government of Israel.

Gen 12:3, Zech 2:8-9, Gal 3:29, Isaiah 60:12

9. Pray for Law and Order and Racial Harmony

Pray for God to restore law and order to America.

Pray all will recognize we are created equal in the sight of God.

Pray for God’s power to quell racial unrest plaguing America.

1 John 3:4, Matt 23:28, Gal 3:27-28

10. Pray for Church Leadership across the Nation

Pray church leadership be Godly examples to those whom they shepherd.

Pray that church leaders will use God’s word to speak to the conscience of our nation

Pray church leadership will inspire others to seek a deep and abiding relationship with You, the Father of all.

Pray false prophets will be revealed.

1 Tim 3:7, Acts 20:27-28, 1 John 4:1

11. Pray for Strengthening of the Family Unit

Pray scripture will be our guide for establishment of the family.

Pray Godly families will be strengthened and restored to our nation.

Pray we recognize the traditional family is vital to the stability of our nation.

Deut 6:5-7, Deut 11:19, Eph 6:4, 1 Tim 5:8



12. Pray for National Revival to Great Awakening

Pray Christians will strengthen their relationship with Jesus.

Pray God will put a hunger in Christians to passionately seek revival for America.

Pray those who have fallen away from the Lord will turn back to Jesus.

Acts 3:19, Eph 5:14, 2 Chron 7:14