Deacon Lovell

Communications and Graphic Design Director

When and Where I got saved: 

In my living room on new years eve of 2009

Favorite Bible Verse

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Go-To Coffee Order

I usually order a chai with oat milk, but when I do order coffee I ALWAYS order the weirdest/most interesting latte on the menu with oat milk on ice


My family Likes to call me by my middle name "James". Others like "D", "Big D", "Magic Giant", and my least favorite "dingkin" (pronounced as nasally as possible)

In my spare time I...

Spare time.....what's that?

People that inspire me

Bo Burnham- for his multitude of skills and proficiency in each.

The one thing people probably don't know about me

One of my eyes is naturally more open than the other. I have to consciously open one eye extra-wide or squint the other one to match.

Weird Quirks

I feel HORRIBLE when I get over 7 hours of sleep! I typically try to stay somewhere in the range of 4.5-6 hours of sleep every night, and that lets me wake up feeling alive and refreshed every morning!

My least favorite thing to do

CLEAN UP MY OWN MESSES! I'm constantly working at break-neck speeds, so taking time to slow down, and tediously put everything back where it belongs is EXCRUSIATING! Shout out to my little brother tanner for always offering his cleaning services for a reasonableish price- I probably hire him WAY too often lol!

My hidden talent is

I'm still looking for it lol

What makes me laugh is...

Jokes that are funny, but nobody else finds funny. 

Biggest Fear

The thought of nothingness scares me a lot. Oblivion is something I'd like to avoid at all costs- I don't want to go quietly into the night.

Favorite Movies

I loved the first "a quiet place", but have still yet to see the sequel. Additionally, "Eragon", although a TERRIBLE movie, will always hold a special place in my heart.

Favorite Sports

I'm really not a sports guy. I can enjoy most sports if I'm with a group of excited people, but alone, you'll never find me watching the sportsgames.

Favorite Music/Bands/Singers

It changes a lot lol! Lately, though, I've been listening to "Christian French", "Ruel", the "Vessel" album by "Twenty One Pilots", and "Phorhead" has some really good  lo-fi for all those late-night productivity sessions.

Favorite Books

"20,00 leagues under the sea" has, and will always be my favorite book- both because of the sentimental value, and the quality of the read altogether

Favorite TV Shows

"Atypical" was a great show! I also really enjoyed "Invincible", "Jack Ryan", and I'm super excited for the new season of "Loki"!

Favorite Actor/Actress

I like most movies/series that involve John Krasinski, as well as Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Amber Patiño, and of course who doesn't love a little Chris Evans in their life?

Dream Vacation

I can't imagine anything better than an 8-9 night cruise.

Most adventurous thing I've ever done

I'm really a bit of a boring person. I run some small businesses on the side, and I've done a little bit of traveling, but there's not much I've done that I'd define as "adventurous".

Tell us about your family

My parents are John and Kathy Lovell, and I have 3 younger siblings: (listed in order of birth) Greyson, EmmaLee, and Tanner