Covid precautions

 As Covid continues to be a part of our lives in this day and age we are doing our best to be a safe place where all feel comfortable to come and worship on campus.  We would love everyone to come worship with us live, however, if you do not feel it is wise for you to attend in person, or you are in the category of being more at risk, we encourage you to join us online for the livestream broadcast of our services on our Facebook page or through this website by CLICKING HERE. We will show the livestream of both services, 9:15 and 10:45 am.


Building Sanitation

We have a wonderful team who always does a great job of cleaning our facilities, and they have really gone the extra mile to do the very best we can to sanitize the building and especially commonly use surfaces.

Traffic Flow

Park in either parking lot and enter the building through the north ROC (big awning) or south ROC (green awning) entrances. No one will enter through the doors under the Steeple. This will be the exit for everyone. Even if you are running late, all entry will be through the north and south ROC doors.

Temperature Screening 

Spacing will be indicated on the ground, and a greeter will meet you as you enter the building to take your temperature with a touchless infrared thermometer. You will be asked the following questions. Please consider these before you plan to attend, as a courtesy to others' safety. If you answer yes to any of the following, it would be best for you to join us by livestream.

  • Have you been exposed to Covid in the last 14 days?

  • Have you had fever in the last 48 hours?

  • Have you exhibited any symptoms of Covid:

       - Fever
       - Cough
       - Shortness of breath

       - Lack of taste/smell

Hand Sanitizer

Please be prepared to use hand sanitizer as you are entering the building. We will have it ready for you to use.

Masks are Encouraged

We are not requiring everyone who attends service to wear a mask, but please do so if you feel comfortable. We will have a few masks available, but please bring your own if you have one. For Sunday School: Because of smaller rooms, we are asking you to wear a mask during Sunday School.

Social Distancing 

Please respect others and use social distancing of at least 6 feet. Please also refrain from hugging and shaking hands. You never know what another person's level of comfort is with contact. It's best to keep distance at this point, but please give waves and smiles (with your eyes if wearing a mask - LOL).

Grace and Understanding

For those attending in person, please remember that not everyone around you will have the same level of health or feelings of concern, regarding the virus. You can't tell by looking at a person what health conditions they may have or what family members they interact with who may be at a higher risk for contracting the virus. Let's remember that differences of opinion on precautions or varying levels of concern should never lead to a character judgment. Let's show grace and understanding to our fellow attendees.