Children {K-6th}

Our mission at Parkside is to make church a place where children want to be. Our passion is to build relationships so that we might have the privilege of being part of each child's spiritual journey, as they become a devoted follower of Christ. We believe a child’s spiritual growth begins at birth, so as your child grows, his knowledge of biblical truths deepens. Your child’s faith experience begins the minute they enter Parkside. It’s exciting and fun. The children’s ministry will team up with you in reaching, teaching, and building children of real faith and character that lasts. We also offer tools to equip you as the primary spiritual leader in the home. As a parent/guardian, you will have the opportunity to participate in Sunday School and worship knowing that your child is being taught the Bible and is well cared for.

Core Values

Prayer is the foundation of everything we do. "Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find; Knock and the door will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7

God's son Jesus Christ is the focus of our teaching. We show an example of Jesus Christ in all that we do.

Relevant and application Bible teaching
Children need to know that God is real and the Bible is real. The Bible is filled with wisdom to help them understand life and His message is unchanging. God's word is the same today, tomorrow and forever.

We will focus on children enjoying our Bible teaching. We will sing the kind of songs that children want to sing. We will teach lessons that children will understand. We will be an environment that children want to invite friends. Preschool and children are our focus.

We want our ministry to be safe - this might be the only safe place for some of the children we will meet. Safety includes physical safety, emotional safety and spiritual safety. We continue to keep safety as a priority.

We strive to improve each year. We push ourselves to be better. We consider our service to be a calling not a job. Our ministry matters and we are not in the diaper changing business but the life changing business.

A brochure is available with the Preschool/Children's Ministry Guidelines.  Click here to view or print brochure.

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