VBS Transportation Request Form

Parents, please be sure to complete both the VBS Transportation Request and VBS Registration for each child you want to attend VBS at Parkside.  Children must have completed first grade to ride the church bus.  Families must reside within Denison city limits.  


1. Everyone remain seated with seat belts on.

2. No loud noises.

3. No inappropriate language.

4. No inappropriate clothing.

5. Hands and feet to yourself.

6. No electronic devices.

7. Listen to your leader and be respective to all.

8. Everyone must go to the specific program when arriving at the church.

9. Everyone must participate in the program attending at the church.

10. Ride your assigned bus.

1st Incident—verbal warning (yellow)

2nd incident—rider is removed to front of the bus or if incident occurs when not on the bus the rider will be removed from the activity (orange)

3rd incident—bus captain discusses incident with parent or guardian (brown)

4th incident—rider is not able to ride the bus the following day (red)
Color code will be displayed on their bus rider tag.

301 N Lillis Ln ~ Denison, TX 75020 (903)465-1686